Teo auf Sizilien.

Teo auf Sizilien.

Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010

It has been a month :O !

Well, it has been a while since my last post.

Hm. During this time I had a lot of fun, like always :D.

Where should I start? About two weeks ago all the students living in my region met at a school near my town for a presentation made by AFS Intercultura ;D. At first it was a lot of fun, because I could talk to all of them about the things happening atm. We introduced ourselfs (in ITALIAN (!)) in front of a large group of students. Pictures we're taken and even published in a newspaper the next day :O.. but later it got really boring. I mean seriously? Why did we have to watch a movie shot in England about Pakistanis in Italian? Huh? -.- Well, after a while me and two other girls pretended that we had to go to the toilet just so we can enjoy some free minutes :D.
While we were gone, we had the chance to see a part of the school. It was really different compared to my school in Augusta. It was bigger, with more students, and imo prettier, at least from outside :D.
Well, unfortunately we had to go back x), but the movie last only for about 20 more minutes and we could go home :D. Finalmente.

The next day I had a "Crepés-Night" with some of my friends =). It was awesome. We met in the evening and made some crepés, while we were talking and taking pictures. YUMMY & AMAZING, I can tell you :D.

On saturday, like on Thursday, I didn't have to go to school, because there was another presentation organized by AFS. This time it took place in my hometown but not in my school. There were a lot of kids, like the last time, but this day it was much better, and LESS boring. We were asked some questions, we talked a bit about our experiences here and watched a short movie about AFS Intercultura.
Later, we went to my assistent's house with all the exchange students and my hostfamily. There we had lunch together. Because of the fact, that the weather was awesome and that my assistent lives near the sea, we went swimming in the afternoon. And of course we had a gelato afterwards :D.
Maybe I have to mention, that all of the student should spent this night at my assistent's house. After we got home, we got ready for the evening, because we wanted to go to a pizzaria in a littleeeee town called "Brucoli". It was pretty amazing, 'coz although the "town" is REALLY small there where a lot of people. We enjoyed the pizza and went 'home'. The next day we had breakfast and lunch at my assistent's house. Before going home I had a hugeeee WATERFIGHT with my hostbrother :D. We got really wet, but in the end I won =D (I think) !

Well, the weekend was over and I had school the next day. Like the following six days :D. But on Thursday school started at 11:00 so I could have breakfast with some of my friends :) & on friday there was a stoppage, so we could go home after our first lesson at 9:15 =) ! Epicccc.
Another thing that was pretty cool is, that I got in touch with the "nearly-on-official-girlfriend" (whatever.) of my hostbrother but though a real concidence :D.. my hostbrother wanted to play a joke on me and for this reason I had her number not knowing it was her's. Well, later he told me it was her and so I just sent her a message :). Well, we started talking, and talked and talked and talked and after 3 days we had written like 300 sms ;D. A really nice girl =). We also went out this week, took pictures and had fun =). I loved it. Ah, and did I mention, I have 1000 free SMS a week for only 1€? It's pretty nice.

Yesterday, on friday, I had another "Crepès-night" with my friends but this time at the house of another friend but with the same people. it was tasty as always :D. But later, when my hostsister picked me up we went to a pizzeria.. now ask me if I was hungry? Well, I wasn't :D ! But my sister was. I ate 1/2 a pizza and Chiara 1 1/2 :D.. hahahahaha.
And today, after my language course, which started today and was really cool, we met again to eat pizza and play *singstar* ! I missed playing it. Back in Germany I used to play it a lot with friends. :)
My hostmother had to pick me up later but I really wasn't in the mood for going home, so I asked her if we could just drive around without an aim and she was cool with it. So we we're driving, but suddendly I saw my hostsister in another car, so I went like: OMG did you see? there was chiara?!" and she: "really?" and me: "yeeeees" she: "but with whom" me: "bu. I don't know, LET'S FOLLOW HER!!!" so we followed her. like 10 minutes. I was pretty sure that it was her but my hostmom kept asking me if I was, so I sent her a message asking, where she was?! But she didn't answer. While we we're following her, the car suddenly stopped and we had to keep moving, so we lost her. I'm pretty sure they had noticed us. After a couple of minutes I recived a SMS from chiara, saying that she was at a piazza . But still I was sure I had seen her. The only thing is that the girl I've seen in the car had the same hairstyle as her and the same glasses. But there was only one problem. When we got home the glasses of my hostsister where at home. Ooooops. So I guess we where following strangers and we got cought :D. Well, tomorrow I will ask my sister if it was her. I hope it was. Funny night. Funny life.
I LOVE IT HERE. I think when I finish my school back home I'll move to Augusta =).. just saying! :D


Okaaaaaaaaaay. See you soon. (I'll let you know as soon as possible if it was her ;D)


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