Teo auf Sizilien.

Teo auf Sizilien.

Montag, 27. September 2010

FINALLY some party :D

Well, the weekend is over but I think I'll never forget this one =) !

Firstly I have to say that I truly (!!!) need my two days of weekend :D ! Like two full days + friday after school. haha. I guess this is one of the things I miss the most :D ! But know back to my weekend ;D.

Saturday after school my 'sister' picked me up because my hostmom was on a seminar organized by AFS :). When we got home, we ate some lunch and right after that Chiara and I went to the football game of her boyfriend. It was out of town and we needed like 1 1/2 to get there, but the reason we needed that much time wasn't that the way was so long.. NO (!) :D the reason was that Chiara didn't know where to go :D. We asked like 23746245 people till we finally got there :D. The car ride was one of the funniest car rides I've ever had.. LOUD MUSIC, SINGING ALONG WITHOUT KNOWING THE LYRICS & OPENED WINDOWS. THAT ROCKS. Yeah, and the game was - let's say.. okaay.. (xD) - but in the end, 'we' lost. Tragical. Not.
It was really fun to watch the game, though, because although the team isn't playing in a very high class, there we're a lot spectators singing different songs & just having fun :).

Right after the match I was driven to the piazza where I should meet my classmates, or at least four of them with their boyfriends :).. There meeting was planed to be at 18:30 but the last girl came at 19:20. Hahaha. I guess punctuality istn't that important in Italy ;D. Well, we chilled a bit at the piazza, went to some shops, talked in Italian (!) & laughed a lot.. but then some boys got hungry & so we went to another place where we ate panini. Panini are breads filled with different things. You can decide what you want in it. You can choose between different types of meat, vagetables, ect. They are reaaaaaaaaally yummy. Taking photos this evening was like one of the best things. & I shouldn't forget the tasty gelato, which was really good, although I ordered tiramisu but they gave me coffe -.- and I hate coffe. But whatever =). To be honest, I kinda have the feeling that my Italian has got a lot better. After one or two hours that night it was so much easier to buit a sentence & I was talking even faster than I'm used to talk the language!
After the ice-cream some of us, incuding me, got kinda tired, so I called my hostsister to pick me up. She came really fast with her boyfriend and I got in the car. I was prepared to be driven home but then there was this "epic" question (:D): "Do you want to go home or do you want to come with us?" No guess, what I answed ;D.. of course I said YES! So we went to the pizza, where I met my friends. Chiara told me (or at least what I understood) that there was the only bar, which was opened on Saturday night. I was like "WTH? The only one in this town?" It was really pretty there, because the lights were on and there were so many people talking, laughing & everything. I met some of her friends and we had fun. After a hour or something, I think it was about 2 am, my hostsister said they're gonna drive me home now, but after getting in the car there was again this epic question: "Do you really wanna go home? If you want you can come to a party with us" I was like: YEEEEEEEAH JACKPOOOT :D !! Of course I said again "Yes". I mean seriously, my hostsister is like the sister I've always dreamt of. Why can't I have a sister like her in Germany? Bu. Well, the party we went to was in a house, but like a disco & people were only allowed to go there if they had an invitation. I felt so cool. HAHAHA just kidding ;D !
But the following hours where exactly that what I was waiting for in weeeeeeeks.
It was amazing =). And one of the best things was, that today at school everyone was like: "OMG you were there? That's so cool. I've never been there." :)
I can't wait till the next party. I hope my hostsister's gonna take me to party another time. :D

Ah, and yesterday I went to a mall again & guess where I had dinner?! McDONALDS!! Whoot, Whooooooooot :D:D:D. Loved it.

Yeah. So. That was my awesome weekend. :) See you soon.


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