Teo auf Sizilien.

Teo auf Sizilien.

Freitag, 24. September 2010

Italian cinemas & new friends.

Sooo.. :) It's time for a new post!

The last couple of days have been really exciting for me.. but where should I start?
Weeeeeell, on last saturday (and my first weekend in my new home city) I went to an Italian cinema with my hostmom and her friend :).. they wanted to watch an Italian movie which is based on a bestseller book called 'la solitudine di numeri primi'. I was really excited, coz I knew the whole movie was gonna be in Italian. The cinema we went to wasn't that big, but it was really pretty, though. The movie was.. hm.. let's say interesting :D, BECAUSE to be honest I had no problem to follow the story & although I didn't understand every word I was able to get the plot of the movie, which made me reaaaaaaaaaaaaally proud :D, BUT the movie wasn't the type of movie I like, if you know what I mean. I'm more into comendies & romances :). Yeah, but I had an AWESOME evening, though :).
I enjoyed the sunday with my hostfamily [but sadly without my hostsister :( ] at the house of my volunteer's house. It was sooooo damn amazing, cot she lives right by the sea & has a pool. So we chilled in the sun, eating gelato & tiramisu and jumping a few times in the pool. I loved it.

On Tuesday I went again to to the cinema, but this time only with my hostmom. We watched the movie with Julia Roberts 'Eat, Pray, Love'. Now let's say THAT'S the kind of movie I do like ;D.
After the movie, when we wanted to go home, it was raining SO badly, that we needed to stay there another 10 minutes :D. It was fun running to the car !

Well, the next day was like the worst day I had here. Let me explain why. On Tuesday I took pictures of my classmates & unfortunately I also took a picture of my maths teacher during class, which wasn't a good idea, because she got really mad :S.. I really didn't want to hurt her feelings or something, but she was like REALLY mad, and I didn't know what to do, coz she was screaming at me IN ITALIAN. I was totally confused. But then my AMAZING classmates defended me infront of her & after the lesson I told her I was really really sorry, which I truly was, and she said, it was okay. This was my first shocking experience. x)

Yesterday, on Thursday, we (the afs students living in my area) had our welcoming party. I enjoyed it a lot. I finally met Astrid, Sophia & Federico again :). We had fun just talking, eating Italian food & laughing :).

Yeeeeeeeeah. AND TODAAAAAY (!) I finally got my Italian sim-card, like for my cellphone =).. yay! hahaha.
Btw, tomorrow I'm going out with some friends of my class, going to a football game, to a wedding (but only for an hour or something) & later out with my hostsister =). Can't wait !

Ah, and did I mention I have an amazing hostsister? Yeah, coz I do =). Around her I laugh more that anywhere. She's kinda the funnies & craziest person I've ever met (but in a VERY good way :D).
Sooo. See you soon. <3


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