Teo auf Sizilien.

Teo auf Sizilien.

Dienstag, 14. September 2010

The first two days..

Hey guys !
I finally arrived in my new home in Augusta, Sicily.
Fist of all: It's amazing here. Yeah. Sunday night we arrived in Catania where my hostmum and two of her friends picked me up :) I was reeeeeeeeaally nervous but it was totally cool, coz I went for my first Itanian ice-cream =). It was really yummy. After enjoying Catania for an hour we drove home. Augusta is in the near of Catania, I think about 50 km from there.
Yeah. I was finally in my new home. To be honest, IT LOOKS AMAYZING. every room is so beautiful =). I cant imagine it to be better.
Now to my hostfamily. Like I said I have 3 hostsibilings and a hostmother, but one of my hostbrothers doesn't live here. He lives in Milano. My other hostbrother is 16 years old and really nice to me =) he shows and explains me everything I need to know. My hostmother is also awesome. She acts just like my hostbrother but in the Italian way, coz she doesn't really speak english. but to be honest: this is SO much bette coz now I've got to lean Itanian even faster ;D. And I have a hostsister, but I haven't seen her that often coz she's working the whole day. When I know more about her I'll tell you ;D.
Soo. In this two days I went like 3489275 times to the city :D. It's pretty cool here! It's not too big but also not too smal =). AND THE BEST THING IS: we went swimming in the sea :O TWO TIMES. it was so AWESOME! I mean, it is hot & the sea is so clear and beautiful. =)
Ah, and before I forget. Tonight I had my first Italian pizza =)=). IT WAS SOOO TASTY ;D.

Uhm. Yeah. that was pretty much it. I'll write as soon as possible again! =)

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