Teo auf Sizilien.

Teo auf Sizilien.

Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010

Oh my god. :D

Hello again :D !

I hope you all read my post of yesterday night. Well, I talked to my hostsister and asked her it was her, but uhm, IT WASN'T.
So let's say: My hostmother and I were following TOTALLY strangers with the car. CRAZY MUCH?

OMG. hahaha.


It has been a month :O !

Well, it has been a while since my last post.

Hm. During this time I had a lot of fun, like always :D.

Where should I start? About two weeks ago all the students living in my region met at a school near my town for a presentation made by AFS Intercultura ;D. At first it was a lot of fun, because I could talk to all of them about the things happening atm. We introduced ourselfs (in ITALIAN (!)) in front of a large group of students. Pictures we're taken and even published in a newspaper the next day :O.. but later it got really boring. I mean seriously? Why did we have to watch a movie shot in England about Pakistanis in Italian? Huh? -.- Well, after a while me and two other girls pretended that we had to go to the toilet just so we can enjoy some free minutes :D.
While we were gone, we had the chance to see a part of the school. It was really different compared to my school in Augusta. It was bigger, with more students, and imo prettier, at least from outside :D.
Well, unfortunately we had to go back x), but the movie last only for about 20 more minutes and we could go home :D. Finalmente.

The next day I had a "Crepés-Night" with some of my friends =). It was awesome. We met in the evening and made some crepés, while we were talking and taking pictures. YUMMY & AMAZING, I can tell you :D.

On saturday, like on Thursday, I didn't have to go to school, because there was another presentation organized by AFS. This time it took place in my hometown but not in my school. There were a lot of kids, like the last time, but this day it was much better, and LESS boring. We were asked some questions, we talked a bit about our experiences here and watched a short movie about AFS Intercultura.
Later, we went to my assistent's house with all the exchange students and my hostfamily. There we had lunch together. Because of the fact, that the weather was awesome and that my assistent lives near the sea, we went swimming in the afternoon. And of course we had a gelato afterwards :D.
Maybe I have to mention, that all of the student should spent this night at my assistent's house. After we got home, we got ready for the evening, because we wanted to go to a pizzaria in a littleeeee town called "Brucoli". It was pretty amazing, 'coz although the "town" is REALLY small there where a lot of people. We enjoyed the pizza and went 'home'. The next day we had breakfast and lunch at my assistent's house. Before going home I had a hugeeee WATERFIGHT with my hostbrother :D. We got really wet, but in the end I won =D (I think) !

Well, the weekend was over and I had school the next day. Like the following six days :D. But on Thursday school started at 11:00 so I could have breakfast with some of my friends :) & on friday there was a stoppage, so we could go home after our first lesson at 9:15 =) ! Epicccc.
Another thing that was pretty cool is, that I got in touch with the "nearly-on-official-girlfriend" (whatever.) of my hostbrother but though a real concidence :D.. my hostbrother wanted to play a joke on me and for this reason I had her number not knowing it was her's. Well, later he told me it was her and so I just sent her a message :). Well, we started talking, and talked and talked and talked and after 3 days we had written like 300 sms ;D. A really nice girl =). We also went out this week, took pictures and had fun =). I loved it. Ah, and did I mention, I have 1000 free SMS a week for only 1€? It's pretty nice.

Yesterday, on friday, I had another "Crepès-night" with my friends but this time at the house of another friend but with the same people. it was tasty as always :D. But later, when my hostsister picked me up we went to a pizzeria.. now ask me if I was hungry? Well, I wasn't :D ! But my sister was. I ate 1/2 a pizza and Chiara 1 1/2 :D.. hahahahaha.
And today, after my language course, which started today and was really cool, we met again to eat pizza and play *singstar* ! I missed playing it. Back in Germany I used to play it a lot with friends. :)
My hostmother had to pick me up later but I really wasn't in the mood for going home, so I asked her if we could just drive around without an aim and she was cool with it. So we we're driving, but suddendly I saw my hostsister in another car, so I went like: OMG did you see? there was chiara?!" and she: "really?" and me: "yeeeees" she: "but with whom" me: "bu. I don't know, LET'S FOLLOW HER!!!" so we followed her. like 10 minutes. I was pretty sure that it was her but my hostmom kept asking me if I was, so I sent her a message asking, where she was?! But she didn't answer. While we we're following her, the car suddenly stopped and we had to keep moving, so we lost her. I'm pretty sure they had noticed us. After a couple of minutes I recived a SMS from chiara, saying that she was at a piazza . But still I was sure I had seen her. The only thing is that the girl I've seen in the car had the same hairstyle as her and the same glasses. But there was only one problem. When we got home the glasses of my hostsister where at home. Ooooops. So I guess we where following strangers and we got cought :D. Well, tomorrow I will ask my sister if it was her. I hope it was. Funny night. Funny life.
I LOVE IT HERE. I think when I finish my school back home I'll move to Augusta =).. just saying! :D


Okaaaaaaaaaay. See you soon. (I'll let you know as soon as possible if it was her ;D)


Montag, 27. September 2010

FINALLY some party :D

Well, the weekend is over but I think I'll never forget this one =) !

Firstly I have to say that I truly (!!!) need my two days of weekend :D ! Like two full days + friday after school. haha. I guess this is one of the things I miss the most :D ! But know back to my weekend ;D.

Saturday after school my 'sister' picked me up because my hostmom was on a seminar organized by AFS :). When we got home, we ate some lunch and right after that Chiara and I went to the football game of her boyfriend. It was out of town and we needed like 1 1/2 to get there, but the reason we needed that much time wasn't that the way was so long.. NO (!) :D the reason was that Chiara didn't know where to go :D. We asked like 23746245 people till we finally got there :D. The car ride was one of the funniest car rides I've ever had.. LOUD MUSIC, SINGING ALONG WITHOUT KNOWING THE LYRICS & OPENED WINDOWS. THAT ROCKS. Yeah, and the game was - let's say.. okaay.. (xD) - but in the end, 'we' lost. Tragical. Not.
It was really fun to watch the game, though, because although the team isn't playing in a very high class, there we're a lot spectators singing different songs & just having fun :).

Right after the match I was driven to the piazza where I should meet my classmates, or at least four of them with their boyfriends :).. There meeting was planed to be at 18:30 but the last girl came at 19:20. Hahaha. I guess punctuality istn't that important in Italy ;D. Well, we chilled a bit at the piazza, went to some shops, talked in Italian (!) & laughed a lot.. but then some boys got hungry & so we went to another place where we ate panini. Panini are breads filled with different things. You can decide what you want in it. You can choose between different types of meat, vagetables, ect. They are reaaaaaaaaally yummy. Taking photos this evening was like one of the best things. & I shouldn't forget the tasty gelato, which was really good, although I ordered tiramisu but they gave me coffe -.- and I hate coffe. But whatever =). To be honest, I kinda have the feeling that my Italian has got a lot better. After one or two hours that night it was so much easier to buit a sentence & I was talking even faster than I'm used to talk the language!
After the ice-cream some of us, incuding me, got kinda tired, so I called my hostsister to pick me up. She came really fast with her boyfriend and I got in the car. I was prepared to be driven home but then there was this "epic" question (:D): "Do you want to go home or do you want to come with us?" No guess, what I answed ;D.. of course I said YES! So we went to the pizza, where I met my friends. Chiara told me (or at least what I understood) that there was the only bar, which was opened on Saturday night. I was like "WTH? The only one in this town?" It was really pretty there, because the lights were on and there were so many people talking, laughing & everything. I met some of her friends and we had fun. After a hour or something, I think it was about 2 am, my hostsister said they're gonna drive me home now, but after getting in the car there was again this epic question: "Do you really wanna go home? If you want you can come to a party with us" I was like: YEEEEEEEAH JACKPOOOT :D !! Of course I said again "Yes". I mean seriously, my hostsister is like the sister I've always dreamt of. Why can't I have a sister like her in Germany? Bu. Well, the party we went to was in a house, but like a disco & people were only allowed to go there if they had an invitation. I felt so cool. HAHAHA just kidding ;D !
But the following hours where exactly that what I was waiting for in weeeeeeeks.
It was amazing =). And one of the best things was, that today at school everyone was like: "OMG you were there? That's so cool. I've never been there." :)
I can't wait till the next party. I hope my hostsister's gonna take me to party another time. :D

Ah, and yesterday I went to a mall again & guess where I had dinner?! McDONALDS!! Whoot, Whooooooooot :D:D:D. Loved it.

Yeah. So. That was my awesome weekend. :) See you soon.


Freitag, 24. September 2010

Italian cinemas & new friends.

Sooo.. :) It's time for a new post!

The last couple of days have been really exciting for me.. but where should I start?
Weeeeeell, on last saturday (and my first weekend in my new home city) I went to an Italian cinema with my hostmom and her friend :).. they wanted to watch an Italian movie which is based on a bestseller book called 'la solitudine di numeri primi'. I was really excited, coz I knew the whole movie was gonna be in Italian. The cinema we went to wasn't that big, but it was really pretty, though. The movie was.. hm.. let's say interesting :D, BECAUSE to be honest I had no problem to follow the story & although I didn't understand every word I was able to get the plot of the movie, which made me reaaaaaaaaaaaaally proud :D, BUT the movie wasn't the type of movie I like, if you know what I mean. I'm more into comendies & romances :). Yeah, but I had an AWESOME evening, though :).
I enjoyed the sunday with my hostfamily [but sadly without my hostsister :( ] at the house of my volunteer's house. It was sooooo damn amazing, cot she lives right by the sea & has a pool. So we chilled in the sun, eating gelato & tiramisu and jumping a few times in the pool. I loved it.

On Tuesday I went again to to the cinema, but this time only with my hostmom. We watched the movie with Julia Roberts 'Eat, Pray, Love'. Now let's say THAT'S the kind of movie I do like ;D.
After the movie, when we wanted to go home, it was raining SO badly, that we needed to stay there another 10 minutes :D. It was fun running to the car !

Well, the next day was like the worst day I had here. Let me explain why. On Tuesday I took pictures of my classmates & unfortunately I also took a picture of my maths teacher during class, which wasn't a good idea, because she got really mad :S.. I really didn't want to hurt her feelings or something, but she was like REALLY mad, and I didn't know what to do, coz she was screaming at me IN ITALIAN. I was totally confused. But then my AMAZING classmates defended me infront of her & after the lesson I told her I was really really sorry, which I truly was, and she said, it was okay. This was my first shocking experience. x)

Yesterday, on Thursday, we (the afs students living in my area) had our welcoming party. I enjoyed it a lot. I finally met Astrid, Sophia & Federico again :). We had fun just talking, eating Italian food & laughing :).

Yeeeeeeeeah. AND TODAAAAAY (!) I finally got my Italian sim-card, like for my cellphone =).. yay! hahaha.
Btw, tomorrow I'm going out with some friends of my class, going to a football game, to a wedding (but only for an hour or something) & later out with my hostsister =). Can't wait !

Ah, and did I mention I have an amazing hostsister? Yeah, coz I do =). Around her I laugh more that anywhere. She's kinda the funnies & craziest person I've ever met (but in a VERY good way :D).
Sooo. See you soon. <3


Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

upps. I forgot something really important...

... Did you guys notice? The Italians ALWAYS say 'Bu' when they don't know something. I JUST LOVE IT. And now I say it like all the time. For everything. HAHAH.
Okay. Sorry ;D. Bye.



La scuola italiana ;D

Finally. I made it. I had my first day of school today.
This morning my hostmum waked me up and I knew: It was THE DAY! I was really nervous and I didn't eat that much for breakfast. After we left home we went to my volunteer's house to pick her up, before going to school.
When we were driving to school I didn't know what to think. I mean, seriously? I was gonna be in a new school, where everyone only talks Italian & let's face it my italian is not that good ;D.
Yeah. When we arrived at my new school there were about 2345267345234 ragazzi. I was shocked. I was just standing there with my volunteer, hostmother and hostbrother & I didn't move at all. I was SOOOOOO freakin' nervous. After a couple of minutes Elia (my hostbrother) showed me some of his friends and some of the regazzi who would be in my class. Now I have to mention that although my hostbrother and I are about the same age, we won't be in the same class. It's just that he's in 3b & I'm in 3c =). But back to the point. The girls seemed really nice and we talked about 2 minutes but after a while we didn't know what to say, so I went back to my hostmom. Then finally the ball rang and everyone run into the building :D. They were like animals :D.
My volunteer and my hostmom brought me to my new class room. When I walked in everyone was starring at me. I just said 'Ciao' and sat down next to a nice girl to which I had talked to some minutes ago. After a while the teacher came in, said 'Hi' to everyone, especially to me (in italiano) and we started. At first she gave us our timetable and we talked a bit about organisation things =). After our class teacher we had 'History & Philosophy' which was, to be honest really boring coz I didn't understand anything -.- ! But yeah. The whole time the girl sitting next to me explained everything to me. And of course everyone else looked at me as if I'm an animal, but so what :D.. I can't wait to go to school tomorrow =) I'm so excited, but this time in A GOOD WAY !

AHHH! Before I forget: I got to know my hostsister a bit more & let's just say: SHE'S AWESOME. Although she's about 8 years older that me, she's really nice & we have a lot fun together. Yesterday we went to the city & it was pretty cool. We had to buy a present for her friend's birrthday & we chose earings =). So yeah, see you guys =).


Dienstag, 14. September 2010

The first two days..

Hey guys !
I finally arrived in my new home in Augusta, Sicily.
Fist of all: It's amazing here. Yeah. Sunday night we arrived in Catania where my hostmum and two of her friends picked me up :) I was reeeeeeeeaally nervous but it was totally cool, coz I went for my first Itanian ice-cream =). It was really yummy. After enjoying Catania for an hour we drove home. Augusta is in the near of Catania, I think about 50 km from there.
Yeah. I was finally in my new home. To be honest, IT LOOKS AMAYZING. every room is so beautiful =). I cant imagine it to be better.
Now to my hostfamily. Like I said I have 3 hostsibilings and a hostmother, but one of my hostbrothers doesn't live here. He lives in Milano. My other hostbrother is 16 years old and really nice to me =) he shows and explains me everything I need to know. My hostmother is also awesome. She acts just like my hostbrother but in the Italian way, coz she doesn't really speak english. but to be honest: this is SO much bette coz now I've got to lean Itanian even faster ;D. And I have a hostsister, but I haven't seen her that often coz she's working the whole day. When I know more about her I'll tell you ;D.
Soo. In this two days I went like 3489275 times to the city :D. It's pretty cool here! It's not too big but also not too smal =). AND THE BEST THING IS: we went swimming in the sea :O TWO TIMES. it was so AWESOME! I mean, it is hot & the sea is so clear and beautiful. =)
Ah, and before I forget. Tonight I had my first Italian pizza =)=). IT WAS SOOO TASTY ;D.

Uhm. Yeah. that was pretty much it. I'll write as soon as possible again! =)

Freitag, 3. September 2010

Shopping; Shopping; Shopping;

There's exactly one week left from now (:.
Yesterday I went shopping with my mommy ! We wanted to buy some things for Italy. It was so much fun. I bought some new scarfs, hotpants, some tops etc. On the one hand buying new awesome stuff was amazing but on the other hand I truly realized how much I'm gonna miss my mum during this year. Spending time with her, like breakfasting, shopping or just talking with her. Hmm.

Yeah. But anyways (: can't wait for next week to come!

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Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

9 days & then: Italy, I'm coming.!

Gosh, I haven't written something, since I don't know when :). But now.
Okay. there are 9 days left and I can't wait to get up and say: Today is the day!
I had a grad summer but to be honest I want it to end. All of my friends are back to school or a year abroad & I feel kinda lonely. I think most of the things i had to finish before leaving are done now. The only things left are meeting some friends & enjoying time with my family. ah and don't forget: to go a last time shopping here :D.
yeah. I'm really excited to leave but I kinda have a stange feeling the last couple of days. I thing I start to realize how much I'm gonna miss my family. :(
Ah, well. :) I gotta concentrate on the positive things.

Like I said. 9 days & then: Italy, I'm coming! :)♥

Samstag, 8. Mai 2010


Wednesday, March 24, 2010 2:11:40 PM - Teo bekommt ihre Gastfamile :)
Naja, dann bekam ich die e-mail, aber gelesen hab ich sie erst um 22:10 am gleichen tag. aber jetzt mal alles von vorne.. wir hatten also den 24. märz und ich saß gemütlich vor dem fernsehr im wohnzimmer und schaute die letzten folgen von the vampire diaries vor der sommerpause :).. als ich dann meine e-mails checken wollte, weil ich bald ins bett musste, stellte ich fest, dass sich mal wieder viele unnötige dort befanden aber auch eine von afs mit dem titel "deine gastfamilie". mein herz blieb für einen moment stehen, aber ich wollte mich vor dem öffnen noch nicht zu früh freuen.. also las ich erstmal all die anderen mails und öffnete dann mit zittrigen händen DIE email.
ich hatte meine GASTFAMILIE!!!!! ich hab erstmal soooo geschrieben und bin runter zu meiner mutter gelaufen :O.. und hab ihr alles erzählt :D sie konnte nichts verstehen, weil ich so schnell geredet hab aber dann beim dritten mal hatte sie es auch verstanden :) !
ich war soooo glücklich :).. naja ich las die email nochmal und musste feststellen, dass ich drei gastgeschwister hatte und eine gastmama :).
Brigida Bruno ---> Gastmama
Chiara Bruno (24) ---> Gastschwester
Giuseppe Bruno (21) ---> Gastbruder #1
Elia Bruno (16) ---> Gastbruder #2
und wo sollte ich leben? auf sizilien, augusta! WUNDERBAR.
dann konnte ich ja beruhigt schlafen gehen. ich träumte von sizilien :).