Teo auf Sizilien.

Teo auf Sizilien.

Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

La scuola italiana ;D

Finally. I made it. I had my first day of school today.
This morning my hostmum waked me up and I knew: It was THE DAY! I was really nervous and I didn't eat that much for breakfast. After we left home we went to my volunteer's house to pick her up, before going to school.
When we were driving to school I didn't know what to think. I mean, seriously? I was gonna be in a new school, where everyone only talks Italian & let's face it my italian is not that good ;D.
Yeah. When we arrived at my new school there were about 2345267345234 ragazzi. I was shocked. I was just standing there with my volunteer, hostmother and hostbrother & I didn't move at all. I was SOOOOOO freakin' nervous. After a couple of minutes Elia (my hostbrother) showed me some of his friends and some of the regazzi who would be in my class. Now I have to mention that although my hostbrother and I are about the same age, we won't be in the same class. It's just that he's in 3b & I'm in 3c =). But back to the point. The girls seemed really nice and we talked about 2 minutes but after a while we didn't know what to say, so I went back to my hostmom. Then finally the ball rang and everyone run into the building :D. They were like animals :D.
My volunteer and my hostmom brought me to my new class room. When I walked in everyone was starring at me. I just said 'Ciao' and sat down next to a nice girl to which I had talked to some minutes ago. After a while the teacher came in, said 'Hi' to everyone, especially to me (in italiano) and we started. At first she gave us our timetable and we talked a bit about organisation things =). After our class teacher we had 'History & Philosophy' which was, to be honest really boring coz I didn't understand anything -.- ! But yeah. The whole time the girl sitting next to me explained everything to me. And of course everyone else looked at me as if I'm an animal, but so what :D.. I can't wait to go to school tomorrow =) I'm so excited, but this time in A GOOD WAY !

AHHH! Before I forget: I got to know my hostsister a bit more & let's just say: SHE'S AWESOME. Although she's about 8 years older that me, she's really nice & we have a lot fun together. Yesterday we went to the city & it was pretty cool. We had to buy a present for her friend's birrthday & we chose earings =). So yeah, see you guys =).


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